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The incidence of black bear, grizzly bear, and cougar encounters, attacks, and fatalities on remote worksites is a growing concern. Educating and informing your employees on how to avoid and handle wildlife encounters is our company's main objective. Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. can train your workers to provide a safe and enjoyable work atmosphere both onsite and offsite when they relax on their days off with family camping, hiking etc.

Educate. Protect. Control.

Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. main goal is to educate, protect and control both human and wildlife interactions in all areas where we as a society have encroached on the lives of animals in both urban and non urban areas. Our fully trained staff have many years experience dealing with wildlife in their natural habitat as well as on and offsite in many various locations throughout Alberta.





• Predator Awareness Courses

• Site Assessments

• Waste Management

• Employee/employer training

• Wildlife Monitoring (know what wildlife is living in your area) eg. trail camera /data recording

• Hazard Assessments

• Electric Fencing

• Proper use of deterrents

• Onsite safety in both remote and active worksites

• Use of state of the art infrared technology

• Bird search/nest search

• Drones

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Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. strives to be the best at what we do and we take our business very seriously and believe we are the best solution to all your needs.

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Meet the Team


With over 30 years of experience as hunter education instructor,  Lyle is an outdoor enthusiast and he strongly believes in the preservation of life and not the destruction.


Josie, traveled halfway around the world to join her husband Lyle. Her love for the outdoors came very natural because she grew up in the mountains of the Philippines.


Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. strives to be the best at preservation of life not destruction of life so that wildlife and humans can live together in harmony so future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature

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