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Karelian Wildlife – Preservation of Life.

We are Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. Our commitment to our own practice has given us the experience needed to help guide others. Made up of a team of outdoor lovers and passionate instructors, we are the best solution to all your wildlife needs.


Meet the Team

Our Mission

Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. is a company whose main objective is to educate, protect, and control both human and wild lives in all areas where we as a society have encroached on the lives of animals both in suburban and natural areas. We provide predator awareness courses to both the industrial and non-industrial public. Educate them with the knowledge and resources available to protect themselves should they encounter a predator. How to avoid certain encounters and how to protect themselves in those of circumstances.

Our Goals

Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. main goal is to provide superior protection and education in regards to working, living and confrontations with wildlife in all aspects of their daily lives. This alone along with how we educate and protect both the public and our clients will make our company a household name that everyone will recognize.

The Community

Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. is not about destroying wildlife but protecting it as well, so that we as a society can have our future generations enjoy what we have been able to for many years to come.


Karelian Dogs

Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. will in the future also be using dogs as another form of protection once the proper permits and licensing has been achieved for workers out in the field.



Safety is our number one priority in all we do so that everyone can go home safely and know that we have provided them with the care and knowledge that we all deserve to work or play in the outdoors.


Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. strives to be the best at preservation of life not destruction of life so that wildlife and humans can live together in harmony so future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature

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