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We provide in-depth courses on identifying and protecting yourself from predators and use of pepper sprays, bear bangers etc. and how to properly use the different types available.  Our courses will also go over Track identification, food sources, animal identification, habits, etc. Upon completion of any course, all students will receive a wallet card acknowledging they have successfully completed the Karelian Wildlife Safety Awareness program.

Wildlife Awareness Level II

This course provides field workers with the basic knowledge for working safely in remote and wilderness habitats, while promoting the safe co-existence with wildlife. This program is suitable for novice, intermediate and supervisory level workers. The program delivery format makes ample use of multi-media in a variety of situations.




- Regulations for wildlife protection

- Large ungulates

- Transmissible diseases associated with wildlife contact

- Bears types and behaviors

- Other carnivores

Onsite Safety Training

Karelian Wildlife has offered safety training courses onsite to clients for years. This one day program provides the basics in; wilderness survival pre-trip planning hazard recognition and avoidance emergency survival survival psychology navigation skills, etc.



Wilderness Survival Training

In this course, our top survival experts will teach you the basic skills you'll need to survive in a wilderness situation. Survival training helps you face the unknown with greater confidence. It also gives you the skills to live by your wits and survive almost any situation. Only Real Wilderness Survival Skills, Concentrating on Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Safe Tool Use & Use of Critical Survival Items. Among other skills, you will learn how to:


- Assess your situation and know what you have to do right now.

- Find or make clean water.

- Build a lasting fire.

- Create an emergency shelter for you and your companions.

- Forage for enough safe food that will sustain you.

- Treat your injuries.

- Navigate your way out of the wilderness.

Non-Lethal Bear Management

Non-lethal bear management employs negative conditioning to modify unwanted bear behavior and avoid having to compromise human safety or destroy the animal.


Aversion techniques are designed to convince the bear to leave the area permanently by associating humans and populated areas with negative experiences so individual bears will be less likely to return to the area in the future.

Wildlife Monitoring

This course is a comprehensive program for a new wildlife monitor to be able to operate in the field at an industry standard level. The goal is to train students to safely protect field crews from encounters with dangerous wildlife.




- Regulation and legislative requirements that apply to wildlife monitors

- Conducting safety orientations for crew members

- Understanding safe work procedures in the handling of firearms and ammunition

- Characteristics and classifications of dangerous wildlife

- Hazard analysis, including the identification of control and diversionary methods

- Emergency planning and procedures

- The escalation of procedures when confronted with a dangerous wildlife encounter


Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. strives to be the best at preservation of life not destruction of life so that wildlife and humans can live together in harmony so future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature

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