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Lyle started hunting and trapping at the age of 14. The outdoors is a natural part of his life. In 1986, he became a hunter education instructor. At the same time, his father and he started a taxidermy business. Lyle has spent quite a few years guiding because of his passion of the outdoors. Also, because of his love of the outdoors, his encounters with wild life has provided him with the knowledge and understanding of how we can live together in harmony. Lyle is an outdoor enthusiast and he strongly believes in the preservation of life and not the destruction. His wife, Josie, traveled halfway around the world to join him. Her love for the outdoors came very natural because she grew up in the mountains of the Philippines. She also firmly believes in the preservation of life and not the destruction.

Dustin Wanotch

 Dustin Wanotch is an avid outdoorsman with 15 years of trapping and hunting skills learned by his Grandfather and father. His love for the outdoors is why he continues working in our great outdoors and we are glad to have him as a part of our team.

Frank Lloyd

My name is Frank Lloyd. I was born August 24, 1975 in Edmonton Alberta. I was raised in Hinton Alberta by Charlie and Louise Desjarlais. At the age of 10, I moved to Entwistle, where I spent the remainder of my years.

My first trapping experience was with my brother Charles shortly after we moved to Entwistle.  My Dad built taught me the traditional way of hunting as this was his main source of feeding our family, and by brother Charles taught me to snare coyotes as a way to protect our livestock.

In 1997, I went out with George Kelley, who taught me to hunt big horn sheep in the mountains. I continued working for him for 10 years as a wrangler and a guide. It was during this time that I met Gordy Klassen. George and Gordy taught me how to manage the wolf population to conserve other wildlife.

Since that time, I have been successful hunting and trapping. I have a deep respect not only for the land and the wildlife, but for the traditional teachings from my elders. I have been passing down these teachings to my 13 year old son who has been helping me since he was five. It is imperative that we pass these teachings on to future generations to ensure our children know how to live off the land.

Romeo Gauthier

 Avid outdoorsman ,hunting , fishing with over 40 years as a registered trapper and conservationist. Romeo prides himself on replenishing fur bearing animals on his trapline by building birth boxes and other sources of safe haven for animals to protect them from their predators . A family man who enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors when he isn't busy trapping .

Jack Demler

Graduated U of A with my BSc in Forestry in 1978.

Worked in the forest Industry for 25 years.

Spent most of those years doing field work such as surveys and block layout.

Studied animal and Bird behaviour in order to better manage watersheds.

Worked for 8 years in the oil industry on rigs and then doing safety consulting.

Fought forest fires for several years during the summer months as Cat boss and have Fire boss training as well.

I have NCSO certification, ATV certificate,

Worked my way up from field technician to woodlands Superintendent.


Karelian Wildlife Management Services Ltd. strives to be the best at preservation of life not destruction of life so that wildlife and humans can live together in harmony so future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature

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